Friday, 21 January 2011

Weekly Update

Greetings Dovcorians!

This week looked to be a quiet one, here in not-so-sunny Sunderland (even though as i say this, it's now red hot and the sun is shining). However, looks can be deceiving as we were about to find out...

Our very own face-for-TV Will Ryles featured in an interview with two other major businessmen courtesy of . This was a very insightful piece i thought, and well worth a look in.

As well as this, Will also had an interview being published in next months BQ Magazine. This means that, with this weeks developments and the ITVnews story before Christmas, these last few months will hopefully help the next year be as exciting as he hope it will be.

In Andynews, due to the rise in VAT (to 20%) I have spend the last few days chained to the computer, updating the prices on Dovcor's SAGE account and website.

In other news, Daniel, our whizz kid 'up and coming' accountant from Simply Additions, has been with us for most of the week to help fix our SAGE accounts. As well as being there to make sure Andy doesn't get lonely in the wonderful world of Dovcor while Will was out visiting our stores.

As well as this, the Dovcor 'Blue lamp Foundation' music charity gig has had a new development. The Vaudeville Class has now been in touch and could possibly still play if the gigs date doesn't collide with that of their new tour (starting at the end of February, add Vaudevilles on facebook for more information).

Finally, our news story of the week is that after so much anticipation and much hard work from us, the long-awaited brochure is finally going to print 5 months after we started designs. We assure you, the brochure is definitely ready to print this time, and after all, good things come to those who wait!

Also as a side note, our competition broke  30,000 entrants this week!! Continue entering on the Dovcor website.

Well, that's all from me, and Dovcor this week, we hope you've enjoyed it!

Take care now and don't be a stranger!!!

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