Friday, 14 January 2011

Illness, TV and Oena

Greetings Dovcorians!
How are we today? Better than the Dovcor team I home. Illness has swept through the camp and attempted to desolate our morale! However its attempts have been dashed as, brave as we are, we soldier on. As Churchill (and more famously) Will Ryles said “If you’re going through hell, keep going!”
The big news this week is that as we are putting our luxury bath into our Boldon store (to complete our Oena display there) They and another store are using our luxury bathroom suit as their main display for their new TV commercials! So Oena will be featuring on a screen near you (on ITV) very soon!
Our own Will Ryles has some important news to relay through me too!
He founded the “Young Entrepreneurs Trust” a prestigious day for himself and the company! Monthly dinner meetings will start from February. Also, Will has now created his own blog! Check it out by clicking <<>>
In other news, the brochure is finally ready for release via email! Printing is set to begin shortly (FINALLY!)  
Poor Mr Ryles has been out visiting stores in the quiet January month!!! Thursday saw him chained to his Ferrari Golf for almost 6 hours!
Finally, the ‘Blue Lamp Music Gig’ (sponsored by Dovcor) has a venue! Plan have been unfolding as my team and I work tirelessly to bring you the nectar for your eardrums you so desperately desire! Apart from that, official press release is scheduled on the 7th February.
That’s all for now folks, I leave you by wishing you a fantastic weekend, and hopefully not to catch our illness!!!


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