Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A slight change of tactics

Now as many of you may well know, the blog until now was written by Mr Andy McGuire, apprentice to Will, giving you an insiders view of www.dovcor.com.

After many consultations with Pr and marketing, it has been decided to make this blog more useful to you the customer, by way of introducing you to the bathroom market itself, some developments, news stories and in general give you a commentary on the industry as a whole.

Now while Andy is well versed in the skills of writing, it has also been decided that Will should write the blog, as the man behind dovcor and writer of the "Entrepreneur of the North" blog.

So here I am... hello!

Now in coming weeks I will endeavor to open up a world of possibilities and inspire you to spend that little bit more on your bathroom, to LOVE your bathroom and then I will not only tell you how we can help you, but in the interests of fairness I will show you how our competitors can help you as well.

So to kick things off I would like to draw your attention this week to our new brochure, please do send in requests to be sent one, as it has taken me a very long time to complete (6 months in fact!) so I would very much appreciate some one having a look at it from time to time.

Now you will notice we have put some of the concept sketches in this version. As we design and manufacture all our own products, world exclusive products in fact, we were frustrated that the first brochure did not show off our capabilities or flair for design. So this time round these have been included, they not only help set our brochure apart as unique as you wont see sketches in any other brochure, but they help create a story to our products as well. Hopefully you will get a sense of the dedication and love that goes into making our products just that little bit better.

You will also notice a slight change from the old brochure in that we have shifted the ranges around to make room for our new stunning showpiece Oena, made with our very own exclusive Chateau Oak colour that even the Italians didn't have. We actually exported it to Italy just for the contruction of this range!

The range itself is based on an s-shape "wave" curve, which can be seen in both the bathroom vanity units and the bath (note the s-shape wooden bath panel!). The panel itself was technically impossible to make anywhere in the world before we designed the tooling to do it, so for us we feel this range represents a real step forward and wanted to show this by making it the first thing you see in the brochure.

If we can keep making ground breaking ranges like this then maybe we will take the bathroom world by storm!

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