Monday, 13 December 2010

Two weeks of fun!!

Howdy Folks, have you missed us?

I am aware that we have not posted a blog for over two weeks and you, as our adoring fans, will have pined for your weekly bathroom news!!

This week, the format of blog is changing slightly, its just going to be a speedy update of the general goings on over the last 2 weeks. 

Last week saw the return of our fearless leader, WILLIAM WALLACE!!! (guy whispers into my ear) ermmm... I mean Ryles, sorry, watched too much Braveheart this weekend, anyway, order was again restored to the Dovcorians and their head office after a week of snow! 

The week before last (while Will was soaking up the Spanish sun, probably with a hangover) PANIC was insuing in the Dovcor office!!!

I'm joking of course, the office was left in the more-than-capable hands of Howard and Mary, Wills parents. This was for the sole reason that they would be able to supervise Andy, and stop him single-handedly destroying Will's baby while he was away. The week ran smoother than expected, with no major problems bar a grumpy Andy to contend with.

Back to last week, or as it was named, 'R-day'. It was mildly busy last week (thanks to the snow!), and  between that and getting back up to speed, it kept Will on his toes. A good job too, bearing in mind one week he had been in 30+ degree heat, and the next he's chilling in the minuses, he needed to do something to keep him warm!!

So, back to normality this week then, so I must dash into the sunset on my Lion Jet-ski!!

You stay classy, and if I dont reply to all of your questions, remember I am just one, incredibly handsome man, and between talking to you, my internet friends, and Dovcor, I am also attempting to cure world bear with me.


p.s. our videos of the week were brilliance, hand selected by me, the handsome apprentice, heres a taster with Monday's facebook video of the week!!!

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