Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ho Ho Have a Bathroom!!!

Welcome yet again to our weekly blog, Dovcorian- Lovers!!!

Well another week has flown by us, i can hardly believe it's the end of the week already!

Apart from Will having some highly important (however highly confidential, Dovcor eyes only!) meetings, and two HUUUGE deliveries worth some serious cashishta to Castlemede Homecraft and Boldon Bathroom and Tiles, 00Ryles and I have had a very tame week for once! Its quiet....toooo quiet...

We are aware that this doesn't exactly make good reading for any blogspotter, so I shall be filling you in with the goings on of the week then filling in the blanks with some awesome videos, including some brilliant youtube singers, our very first VIDEO OF THE WEEK and Fail! of the week.

Well, Will and I had our first ever after-work meeting (in McDonalds, where else!) on Tuesday, where many plans were formulated (not to take over the world though, i promise XD ) and I got down to startong AND finishing a soul-destroying 8 page marketing and advertisement report. Thats all for this week...

Just kidding!

Now, Dovcor bring you a Youtube sensation, that have been followed by yours truly for quite some time now! This link is to Justin and Michaels cover of Airoplanes/Brick by Boring Brick!

Now, for the grand unveiling of Andy McGuire's VIDEO OF THE WEEK!!!

This goes to 'How to Wrap a cat for Christmas' by MoreFlippyCat...congratulations...You've won a ROFLcopter!!!

And finally, our FAIL! of the week was a one of mixed Fail and Win, as if you watch closely, first is a clear Fail! and the second attempt, I'd say, was a clear win in distance, cudos on your epic technique, young man! I lol'd at it anyway, so enjoy.... Football Fail!

Well as allways, thank you for reading, SUBSCRIBE!! dont let this go to waste, or I'l hunt you down and spray water at you through a lovely Dovcor Speciosa Showerhead!!!

McGuire out!!!

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  1. The Musiv video is sure to make your heart grow 3 sizes this Christmas!!!!