Friday, 19 November 2010

As the time flies....

There are three words to describe this week, busy, busy, and busy!

We have sent stock far and wide this week with Andrew seemingly spending his days down in the warehouse.
While the rest of the country was talking about the royal engagement, the Dovcor office was a mad house of paperwork and bubble wrap as we tried to get stock delivered within our 24 hour target. The record so far is a Tolima 600 white gloss unit plus basin delivered in under 20 hours from order point!

While the team focused on providing excellent service, Will took the opportunity to teach some uni students from Newcastle how to write a business plan and then talk to a group of business students from Framwellgate School about why he started Dovcor! If you would like will to do a speech or teach a class at any time of the day it seems he is only happy to say yes! 

Now apart from attending two very good muscle clubs and being privileged to see the Movember attempts of extraordinary photography and NEmoney, could our week have got more exciting?

YES!! On Thursday, was hacked! Some miscreant took it upon themselves to hack the admin section of the website (not storage, as this is a third party) and change a few photos. Luckily we are back to normal, but website security has been beefed up!

That rounds off another week at Dovcor HQ, heres hoping for an even busier one next week.
You stay classy, Dovcor fans…

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