Friday, 5 November 2010

Week 3!!

The Sun was (partially) shining, and week 3 begins, and an average week at most for the working stiffs at Dovcor. However, Andy was a buzy bee this week, travelling too and fro!

Monday to Wednesday was mainly marketing and website work, as Andy recieved various different drafts of our brand new home page! each one more spectacular than the next.

Alex popped up from Red Maple, and aggreed to relieve Will of babysitting duty and take Andy to learn about marketing for Wedesday afternoon! She taught him some fantastic techniques, that can assist him with Dovcors marketing in the future (so she can do less work)!!

Thursday was a big day for Andy, as he sent out his first delivery by himself (well done Andy), and Will whent to another BNI meeting, and arranged to take Andy to one on Friday.

Finally Friday, Will took Andy to his first BNI meeting, of which Andy was incredibly nervous! friday as well as being a day of firsts, was also hopefully a day of lasts, last ammendments to projects that is. Howard dropped by to ammend the codes in the new Brochure plans, and Andy was sent the last draft of the website page, and it was given the go for launch!

Well thats all for this week, so in the words of Mr. Springer, 'Take care of yourselves, and each other' , see you next week!!!!

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