Friday, 29 October 2010

Week 2!!

So as the birds sang and the first frost in Newcastle thawed, the newly expanded Dovcor team made their way all over the reigon to Dovcor central, the mighty Sunderland, for another week of Bathroom filled joy.

Monday, Howard (the fourth member of the team AND part timer) was in, paying us a visit and enlightening us on whats going on with the sales front, and to continue Andy's education in all things wood based. Andy started learning more of ther fun stuff, this time, how to enter product codes onto the Sage system, a system that Andy will be using all the time, to quote inbetweeners, sage is his 'friend' and we got a new desk for Kendra!! So its starting to get a bit cramped here in the office, as you may imagine! we had to get rid of out Tolima display in the office so we could fit the desk in! one slight issue, we didnt get a chair so WIll had to give up his, and has complained all week about having to stand up!

On Tuesday Andy continued to catalogue items and furthered his knowledge into the invoice finance system, and, was proud as punch to be issued his own codes for HSBC invoice finance!! this is the Dovcor banking system, so anyone wanting free cash please feel free to jump him on the number 13 bus, at around 3pm!!! coupled with the sage system, it feels like Andy's christmas has came early!!

Wednesday was slightly more extitng, for Will in any case. Andy continued to make invoices, whilst will dressed in his smartest clothes, looking very smart as Kendra said, and trotted out to an IPN event at Hardwhick Hall! We also saw some of the sketches for our new brochure, created by a wonderfull company called Eye level!!

Thursday saw the start of the actual fitting of our lovely new Oena range into Boldon, a prestigious day!! Atrecad also paid us a little visit, and showed us some very cool graphics design software, this added to our current actutechtural drawrings could make Dovcor pretty credible!!

And, Finally,we come to Friday, where Andy was hard at work creating plans for the new scripts for the videos, and Will competed our instalations at Boldon (yaaaay!!) And on a side note, we checked our competition entries, and since monday weve had 1040 entries!!! so keep them coming please!!

Thank you very much for reading, we hope you enjoyed this weeks addition to our life here at Dovcor, and we shall see you all next week!!!!!

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