Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Did you know we do tiles?!

As Dovcor grows, we are starting to add new products to our range and this less than wordy blog is here to show you 3 brand new additions to the Dovcor brand, only a tiny part of our tile ranges!

For a long time, the idea behind Dovcor has been to provide a whole bathroom, not just some unique furniture, or the odd bath... if you are going to bath in luxury, you need the whole bathroom to be right.. but equally from a business point of view (and a green one too!) if we are delivering a unit 300 miles away, surely its more economical to deliver some tiles, taps and a bath too..

So over the past few months we have been working away to bring you the best quality tiles, at some very competitive prices.. we even created some that had Swarovski Crystals in (see below)

The beauty of the Swarovski Crystal tile is quite literally that it sparkles against the black background. Even in this low res format, these tiles offset the Curved White Gloss Moreno unit perfectly! (with a bit of a hand from some lovely white tiles too).

But not everyone can afford to have Crystal in their bathroom, so to inject some normality into a bathroom we have an Autumn Slate tile that goes perfectly with our White Gloss Tolima Unit! Everyone knows how versatile white is as a colour, but this slate look is truly stunning and makes the unit stand out without the need for the contrasts in colour seen above!

Of course, to date, beige has become a winner in the tiles sales stakes, being the number one tile (next to white), but we didn't want to bring in any old beige tile! This Earthstone tile is available in three shades and with a matt or polished effect. Its not a stand out tile like the slate or the crystal, but thats where its charm lies, the ability to portray a warm home like feel, while making the furniture stand out as being different.

Pretty soon we will be adding more photos of our unique tiles to the website, but heres a few more for you to look at while you wait!

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