Friday, 7 January 2011

The REAL first 2011 Blog!!

Hi there Dovcorians, missed me?

Well yes, we have returned after the lovely lie-ins and slow mornings of the Christmas break to endure the fast paced, bathroom filled workday mornings yet again!!! And already 2011 seems to be a year that may change our rotten luck of late! As, finally, Oena is in our grasp (see yesterdays Blog).

However, Illness has threatened to sink the Dovcor ship already, as our two current office workers (myself and Will) are dying! Lost voices, spluttery coughs and more mucus than ever before, as we are currently under quarantine. Some may say... we have Oena fever!! 'cue tumbleweed'.

So our Dovcor Stig competition was of course, Will Ryles, so if you got that right, give yourself a pat on the back and go out and buy yourself something pretty!!!

Well that's all for now, so until next week take care of yourselves, and each other!!

Toodle pip!!

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